Handmade With Love In France

by Jane Heng | April 02, 2015 | 0 Comments

"A composer cannot make great music without his orchestra" - source unknown.
As part of the recent French Film Festival in Melbourne, I was really touched by a particular film I saw; "Handmade with Love in France". A beautiful documentary, it takes you behind the scenes into the world of three independent French ateliers who handcraft for the great couture houses of Paris; Chanel, Dior, Hermes and Yves Saint Laurent.


Featured in the documentary; Maison Lognon, who have been handcrafting perfect pleats since the start of the 19th Century; Lorenzo Re, who has been carving hat blocks since the 1960s; and Maison Legeron, a small group of dedicated artisans who have been creating artificial flowers for generations.  

The film guides the audience through the level of emotional investment and the painstaking, meticulous processes behind creating these intricately beautiful pieces. The makers give us insight into the evolution of their craft with the evolution of the fashion industry, and are frank about the high pressures of the now fast-fashion environment.


The film is a heartfelt celebration of a world that is disappearing. I loved this documentary. It truly highlights the importance of caring; the care and love that is worked into a masterpiece that has been handmade and, as consumers, the importance of caring and appreciating where and how a product is made. 

Unfortunately in Melbourne, the French Film Festival has ended for 2015, but the documentary can be viewed at other locations. Visit film director Julie Georgia Bernard's Tumblr for details: http://georgiaannebernard.tumblr.com/

Words by Jane Heng; editor Joanne Pugh

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