De Wain Valentine

by Jane Heng | February 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

It's Valentine's Day today. Some folk love a good excuse to get their romantic on and others think 'F*** it'. Whatever camp you fall in, let's all agree that American sculptor, De Wain Valentine, is the bomb. Influence by the seascapes and skies of Southern California, Valentine is best known for his large scale optical fibreglass and resin sculptures. Seriously we are in love. Happy Valentine's Day.

Circle Yellow - Orange, 1970. Cast polyester resin


Small Circle, 1971. Cast Polyester Resin


Diamond Column, Blue, 1978. Cast Polyester Resin


Diamond Column, 1978. Cast Polyester Resin


Portal Blue, circa 1970s. Cast polyester resin


Slab, 1968. Cast Polyester resin



Rainbow Ring, 1972. Glass

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