Drape, Twist and Tuck

by Joanne Pugh | December 11, 2014 | 0 Comments

Head wear is fun. Head wear is versatile. Headwear can help a gal on her bad hair days. But how do you do it?!
With a bit of creativity (or just a quick google) there are so many ways to tie a headscarf. Using our silk square scarf, we show you an easy peasy style we like to call the ‘I have no hair but I don't care’ for both short-locked and long-locked gals to try on those days when you need some colour. Here's a demo from our all round amazing stylist and writer lady, Jo Pugh. 
Step 1. Take scarf and hold flat over the base of your hairline at the back (near your neck)
Step 2. Scoop edges of the scarf forward over your ears and to the front, so that you have a scarf pony tail hanging from your forehead.
Step 3. Start to twist gently.
Step 4. As your twist gently, wrap the scarf ponytail around itself on the side of your forehead so that it starts to resemble a bun
Step 5. Wrap and twist cont. [NOTE: you can play with how much twisting to wrapping you do. The style works with minimal twisting also].
Step 6. Once you have no more scarf pony to wrap, tuck in.
Step 7. Tuck in any loose bits in the bun, and readjust the whole head scarf so the bun sits where you want it on your forehead!
This style can be adapted slightly once you have finished, to adjust volume and where it sits on your noggin’. We haven’t used any pins to secure in place, but these can be used if you are not completely trusting of your wrapping/twisting to ensure the style stays happy on your head.
Each of our scarves come packed in it's own little silk pouch! See the full silk collection online and in store at Dagmar Rousset until December 24th
Images by Jane Heng. Words by Joanne Pugh
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