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Fast fashion brands and trends drive the global market, with clothing and accessories being produced without much thought for where the work is being done, or where the materials are being sourced; it is just so distant in the supply chain. There is a craving for an alternative; for something special and precious. 

Jane, like other designers are establishing and cherishing fair trade partnerships with artisans and skilled craftspeople to bring forth a unique perspective in fashion and design.

Jane Heng’s philosophy is not accidental, but a natural progression. A huge part of her designs is to create something unique that has been handcrafted by talented artisans in her country of heritage. With an appreciation for often under-appreciated talent, and her local Cambodian knowledge, she was able to bring these two separate worlds together harmoniously.

Her upcoming ‘Temple’ collection is as special as her first. Jane travels to Cambodia as often as possible where she hand-selects gemstones and conveys her design visions to bring back only a limited amount of her fine jewellery, some of which are one off pieces. The delicacy of each piece is owing to the nurturing hand-craftsmanship; a special piece of Cambodia on your finger.


Writing and contributing photographer, Joanne Pugh

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